Cross-generation wealth inheritance for extension of love and care

The trust is managed by dedicated professional team and will achieve cross-generation wealth inheritance by tailor-making a multi-functional wealth management plan. It is the best life-time trust plan for you.



We are committed to think from your point of view and tailor-make the right trust plan that matches your needs.



Our trust specialists have market insight and are able to tailor-make diversified worldwide trust plans for you.


Market Outlook

With our market insight inclusive of its prevailing investment hotspots and its trend, we are able to provide you with the professional analysis and recommendation for the trust plan that you need.

Company Profile

Hong Kong Fiduciary Association Limited was established in 2015. The Association was formed by a coalition of professionals from different financial sectors including trust, insurance, banking, securities, funds, accounting, law and real estate. Capturing the advantages of the international financial centre, the Association is headquartered in Hong Kong. The Association has also set up branches in China, Malaysia and Taiwan to promote trust service.


Five Core Advantages

The Objectives Of Trust

  • Personal TrustMORE

    Personal trust is a trust for yourself.

  • Insurance TrustMORE

    While insurance is an important asset in the modern society, proper management of the insurance by trustee will exert its effectiveness to the fullest extent.

  • Charitable TrustMORE

    Charitable trust means that the settlor entrusts its wealth to the trustee for the charitable purpose, and the trustee manages and distributes it in the name of the trustee according to the settlor's wishes to conducts charitable activities.

  • Real Estate TrustMORE

    A real estate trust refers to a trust deed between the settlor and the trustee in which the trustee manages the real estate according to the trust deed for the benefit of the settlor and the beneficiary.

  • Family TrustMORE

    Family trust is a tailor-made wealth management plan for your family.

  • Equity TrustMORE

    Equity trust has two types. Firstly, a trustee will manage an enterprise according to the provisions in the trust deed after the transfer of the equity shares of that enterprise from the settlor to the trustee. Secondly, a trustee will invest in equity shares of corporations and safeguard the interest of the settlor in the corporations according to the provisions in the trust deed. If the beneficiary of the equity trust is the operator of the corporations, it is called operator shareholding trust.

  • Will TrustMORE

    A will trust is a tailor-made trust plan dedicated to achieve smooth inheritance of wealth of the settlor as well as the profit generated from it by the beneficiary. The trustee will transfer the legacy partly or in whole together with the profit generated from it to the designated beneficiary according to the provisions of the trust deed.

  • Special Purpose TrustMORE

    Special purpose trust is dedicated to achieve securitization of assets of the settlor with less liquidity.


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